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Vinotheque shopping experience

Specialty wine stores with an excellent range

Wine lovers get their money’s worth in the truest sense of the word.

In selected wine stores and Vinotheken, you can not only taste the excellent wines for yourself, you can also take your own piece of Burgenland home at extremely favorable prices.

There’s no better place to pick up high-quality and diverse wines for your own wine cellar than the tasteful Vinotheken in the various regions of Burgenland. Whether Northern, Central or Southern Burgenland, a larger trunk certainly pays off when you consider the wide variety of wines. But if you’d prefer to have the wines sent to you, you shouldn’t miss out on the experience of a Vinothek.

In any case, you should also try the regional specialties of Burgenland producers, which are available alongside the wines at every Vinothek. Even non-wine drinkers will be more than happy here. A visit to a Vinothek, such as Weinwerk, Selektion Burgenland, Haus am Kellerplatz, Vinatrium Deutschkreutz or Gebietsvinothek Südburgenland is not to be missed during a vacation in Burgenland.

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