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Whether in the open air, in private collections or castles and fortresses, whether at public memorials or contemporary galleries: The museums in Burgenland always guarantee an exciting visit.

There’s so much to discover. In all artistic disciplines, from classic to contemporary and modern. Across the length and breadth of Burgenland you will experience historical treasures, traditional handicrafts, folk culture, architectural and historical art treasures and modern exhibits. Art history is skillfully brought to life in an informative and entertaining way and artistic works from past, present and future become palpable. Exciting, changing exhibitions always introduce new aspects and themes: It’s anything but boring.

The various museums are always a hot tip for the curious, the knowledge-hungry and culture lovers, not just in bad weather. There is also plenty to see under the open sky. From the village museum in Mönchhof to the Gerersdorf open-air museum ensemble to various sculpture parks: Atmospheric experiences and lots of interesting facts await you. Not to forget the little ones: Exciting hours in the country’s diverse museums offer colorful children’s programs and activities that are fun for the whole family.

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