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Burgenland History(s) House


The young museum gives you an insight into the history of the youngest Austrian state from its birth in 1921 to the latest current developments.

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Here you will learn about the connections between decisions of politicians and their concrete effects on the life of the people in this region with special reference to the municipality of Bildein and the neighboring municipality in Hungary Pornoapati (Pernau). It is designed in the "credenza system", i.e. many stores and boxes to open and look in, everyone can get exactly as much information as he or she would like. With the help of everyday objects, photos, documents and memories of the inhabitants of this small town on the border, you will set out on the trail of Burgenland's past. Numerous exhibits refer directly to the life of the exhibition visitors, invite you to reach out and try things out (in the history house this is almost always allowed) and show very clearly how living conditions have changed. The multimedia design and not least the loving care of the "Geschichte(n)haus-Damen" make a visit to the historisches historisches Haus in Burgenland a true experience. Our museum also offers educational development programs for children and young people. Age-appropriate focus tours invite school classes and youth groups of all ages to actively engage with the history of the Burgenland and the topic of borders. The Burgenländische geschichte(n)haus, which has received several awards, deals with the history of Burgenland interactively, often in a playful and unique way. The museum gives visitors insights into the history of the youngest Austrian province from its birth in 1921 to the latest current developments.

Burgenland Card
Service Partner | 09.04.2023 - 26.10.2023

Free entry to the museum with the Burgenland Card. 

Entrance fee without Burgenland Card: € 6,- adults / € 5,- teenagers and seniors