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Museum Village Mönchhof



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"Pure folk culture", that is what you will find in the 35 reconstructed buildings, which all originally came from the Heideboden. Here you can enter the houses as a museum guest, linger in the rooms, indulge in memories or simply let the atmosphere take effect on you.
The former small private collection of Josef Haubenwallner has been developed into a large regional open-air museum over the last 20 years. It provides an insight into village life and rural life in Heideboden from the time around 1890 until the 1960s. Then the great socio-economic changes took place and the " Hoadbauern" sought and found the connection to the "new, modern time".
The village museum is divided into three sections. The first deals with the basics of securing a livelihood - from grain cultivation to beet farming, the second with stockpiling for personal use. Behind a small pond lies the third part, the ideal typical village with everything that once belonged to it - meadow and pond, inn, school, cinema, municipal office, fire brigade, workshops of the craftsmen, shops, milk house, malt mill, ... and even a church, slightly raised on a hill and enthroned above everything.

Average length of stay: 2-3 hours
Guided tours are only possible with advance reservation and for an additional charge.

Burgenland Card
Service Partner | 01.04.2024 - 31.10.2024

Free entry to the village museum with the Burgenland Card.

Entrance fee without Burgenland Card: € 12,- 

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