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Goberling, like the entire area around Stadtschlaining, has been a mining region from time immemorial. Already in the times of Andreas Baumkircher, the founder of the town of Schlaining, various ores were mined in the 15th century. Mining was once an important industry in Burgenland. For more than 200 years, antimony was mined in the area around Goberling. The discovery of antimony deposits is dated 1744. It was used in industry, for example for brake linings, but also in medicine.

The focus at that time was on iron, copper and silver. Actual mining began in the middle of the 19th century. In its heyday, the antimony mine in Goberling employed about 160 workers. A whole region lived from and with mining. In 1990, the mine was closed for economic reasons. Today there is nothing left of the coal and antimony mines.

The memory of mining there is now preserved in the museum in Goberling. The last remains of mining tools and various other memorabilia have found a place in the old Goberling cold store. The collection gives an insight and overview of the work in the mine, which was a quite hard one.