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Museum - Construction Culture


Multimedia time travel into the building history of Neutal

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The Museum of Building Culture (MUBA) focuses on the scientific reappraisal of the building history of the last 200 years and in particular on the history of the Neutal chimney and stove masons. Their reputation went far beyond the borders of the country; the symbol of a chimney even adorns the town's coat of arms in their honor.

The Neutal builders once set out to conquer the world with their sought-after craftsmanship: buildings from Vienna's Ringstrasse to New York bear witness to their exceptional skills to this day. The expertise of these treasured craftsmen was passed down from generation to generation and not only represented an important economic livelihood - through the many associated journeys it also shaped the cosmopolitanism of the local population.

At MUBA, retired furnace masons pass on their knowledge to visitors. Tools and equipment, such as the special wooden shoes or the "Molotov" hammer, pictures and video sequences provide insights into the everyday life of the craftsmen. In the outdoor area, visitors can also admire foam masonry and a replica of an industrial chimney.

To ensure that young visitors to the museum also get their money's worth, there are special themed tours suitable for children, during which they can participate - for example, in making a clay brick together.

Open from April to October (also on public holidays). Visits are possible all year round by appointment.

Entrance fees:

  • Adults € 3,50
  • Children, pupils € 1,00
  • pensioners € 3,00
  • Groups from 10 persons € 3,00 p.p.
  • Guided tour € 15,00

Guided tours for groups of 10 or more persons only with advance reservation!

Children and school classes: Cultural education programs and workshops only with advance reservation!

Burgenland Card
Service Partner | 01.04.2023 - 31.10.2024

Free entry to the museum with the Burgenland Card. 

Entrance fee without Burgenland Card: € 3,50 adults / € 3,- seniors / € 1,- children and students