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Ehemalige Synagoge Stadtschlaining


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On the main square, in the immediate vicinity of Friedensburg Castle, lies the former synagogue founded in the 18th century and the rabbi's house, which is also a listed building. Today, the synagogue is considered the best preserved synagogue in Burgenland.

The exhibition How can Jewish life, Judaism be presented? What makes a person, his environment and his life Jewish?

Through the exhibited objects and texts, Jewish life is to be presented and brought closer. The exhibition, curated by Christof Cremer, focuses primarily on people. There are adopted narratives, objects, clothing, traditions, families and family stories that provide insight into the life of the time. In addition to the exhibition, the former synagogue today also houses a place of remembrance and commemoration of the Jewish population of southern Burgenland, which was expelled and annihilated in 1938.

The history of the Jewish community of Stadtschlaining The synagogue was the cultic and cultural center of the once large Jewish community of Stadtschlaining. Today the synagogue is considered the best preserved synagogue in Burgenland. The Greek word synágein means "to come together" or "to assemble". The word "synagogue" initially refers to the congregation gathering. It corresponds with the Hebrew word Bet HaKnesset (house of assembly). However, the synagogue is never exclusively a liturgical place, but a religious, cultural and sometimes social center of a Jewish community.

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