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Churches and monasteries

Not just for the religious

Churches and monasteries in Burgenland

Whether Protestant or Catholic: Christianity has produced a variety of historical churches and monasteries in Burgenland – regardless of denomination.

In addition to preserving the religious heritage of Burgenland, they are living, breathing monuments to faith. Masses, christenings, and weddings are held here. But the doors are also very much open to anyone who simply wants to visit the beautiful architectural treasures of the past. 

Whether castle chapel or diocese, village church or abbey: Discover your personal place of strength. In many of the churches, you can also experience concerts and other cultural performances during a variety of interesting programs. Elaborate restorations allow many of the interesting buildings to shine in a completely new light and give never-before-seen insights into history and belief.

Important examples of the Jewish faith can also be found in Burgenland. The former synagogue in Kobersdorf or Stadtschlaining, the private synagogue at the Austrian Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt, and the Jewish cemeteries in many municipalities are testimonies of the religious community that once lived in Burgenland.

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