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Spätgotische Pfarrkirche Mariasdorf

Röm. kath. Pfarre Mariasdorf

Röm. kath. Pfarre Mariasdorf

moderate rain

7° / 13°

8 %
Wind speed
5 km/h
  • Wednesday mainly cloudy

    6° / 17°

  • Thursday cloudy

    9° / 13°

  • Friday rain showers

    9° / 15°

An unexpected sight for many: in the midst of the hilly landscape of Mariasdorf a true jewel of late gothic architecture rises up, visible from far away. The striking, unplastered walls of greenish and reddish-brown chlorite slate give the church of Mariae Himmelfahrt its unmistakable appearance. As a landmark of Mariasdorf, the building also adorns the municipal coat of arms.

History of the village: The late Gothic church of the Assumption of Mary was probably built between 1400 and 1490, but was never quite finished. Little is known about the origin of the church. The Kanizsai brothers, who in 1392 secured for themselves the possession of the Hungarian royal manor of Amber, began the construction of a generously planned parish church.