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Fishermen's Church

The "Fischerkirche" in Rust

Tourismusverband Freistadt Rust

Tourismusverband Freistadt Rust

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The Fischerkirche is probably the most valuable building in the free city of Rust in terms of art and cultural history. The history of this small church is as diverse and multi-layered as the stylistic epochs representated. The core of the church is a Romanesque hall church from the 11th century.

The name Fischerkirche only appeared in the middle of the 20th century, but can be traced back to a legend:
In the 13th century, Queen Mary of Hungary, wife of King Belas IV, is said to have been rescued from Mongol on Lake Neusiedl by fishermen from Rust in distress at sea, and in gratitude she had donated the "Nicolausbenefizum", to which the Chapel of Mary also belonged, part of the Fischermens Church. This chapel was added to the already existing small Romanesque church to the south.

Price: €2,-/person (children €1,-)

Group tours available on request (An additional charge of €2 possible)

In case of very bad weather Fischerkirche might be closed. Short term changes possible.