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Mittelalterliche Friedhofskirche




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5 km/h
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  • Sunday partly cloudy

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The branch church in Oberschützen was built as a Romanesque choir square church and is consecrated to St. Apostle Bartholomew. It is located in the middle of the cemetery and contains valuable frescos from the 13th and 15th century. The ground plans of medieval churches contain a lot of symbolism. The nave (main room) corresponds to the earthly and the choir (chancel) to the heavenly part of the church.

The choir faces east, towards the rising sun, the symbol of Christ. In the medieval church building, eastward orientation means a precise alignment with the sunrise on the day of the patrocinium. In the floor of the Romanesque church built in the 13th century, foundations of an early medieval predecessor building from the 9th century have been preserved.

In 1979 remains of beautiful medieval paintings were discovered, in the nave scenes from the Old and New Testament from around 1280-90 and in the choir remains of a row of apostles from around 1400.