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Ferries on Lake Neusiedl

Boat crossings over the steppe lake

Lake Neusiedl is huge, so some of the cycle routes include taking the ferry back to the starting point, or even begin with a ferry ride.

And when the wind gets a bit stronger, cyclists appreciate having the option of several “shortcuts” across the lake by boat.

However, it is not only cyclists that use the large passenger boats offered by the five major shipping companies that operate regular scheduled services on Lake Neusiedl. The individual routes have adapted to demand and also take visitors to the Seefestspiele in Mörbisch.

There are regular services between Illmitz and Mörbisch, the most popular bike ferry as part of various lake tours, between Breitenbrunn and Podersdorf, and between Rust and Podersdorf. There is also a Neusiedl am See route on Sundays and public holidays. And there is a special cross-border service between Mörbisch and Fertörákos. 

In addition to the scheduled services, the shipping companies on Lake Neusiedl also run excursions and special tours, such as a BBQ tour with music. And you can even tie the knot on board or charter boats for special occasions. One thing’s for sure: There’s even more sunshine on the boats on Lake Neusiedl.

Please note:

Current ferry times are seasonal and in bad weather (rain, storms, fog, etc.), or if the water level is too low, ferry services may be restricted or canceled entirely.

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