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Genuss- Region "Zickentaler Moorochse"

Rohr im Burgenland

On the meadows in the small region "Zickental" between the villages Heugraben, Eisenhüttel and Rohr around the nature reserve "Auwiesen Zickenbachtal", the largest low peat bog in the Pannonian region, you can find the Zickental moor ox.


19° / 30°

2 %
Wind speed
5 km/h
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    18° / 33°

(Zickental “fen steer“)Abstract or claimThe breeding of the Zickentaler Moorochse (literally “fen steer”) is the result of Traditional Knowledge on breeding and extensive livestock husbandry in the fen area of Zickental, Burgenland. Steers of the breeds Galloway and Aberdeen Angus as well as crossbreeds graze on meagre meadows surrounding the Zickental fen. The keeping of cattle contributes to the sustainable preservation of the biggest fen of the Pannonic area. Steers raised in the fen deliver beef which is characterized by short- fibrous texture, tender pure-white marbling and a uniform pure-white fat cover. This, together with optimal meat ripening, accounts for the excellent flavour, the juiciness and tenderness of the beef.

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