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Husky tours

Experience a hike or a ride depending on the weather with the European champion Gerald Schinzel and his huskies. Whether Burgsee-, or nature park round, for every dog lover we offer an individual experience.

pVisit Lockenhaus and enjoy a breath of freedom during a hike or a ride with the Siberian Huskies of the Lockenhaus European Champion Gerald Schinzel. /pp bMay to August/bbrHiking with the Huskies. During Nordic Trail Walking a husky with a belly belt accompanies you through the unique landscape around the Geschriebenstein.brIncluding coffee snack or drinkFamily (2 adults, 1-2 children)/pp bSeptember to April /bbrWagon rides with 8-time European champion Gerald Schinzel or 2-time European champion Doris Prohaska, prices per round and person: Burgsee round, Small round through the nature park, approx. 8 km, Medium round through the nature park, approx. 13 km, Large round through the nature park, approx. 18 km. /pp bDates and duration/b: by arrangement brb Costs/b: depending on duration and program brb Meeting place/b: Wolfshill, Günstalstraße 13, 7442 Hammerteich brbInfo amp; registration/b: Gerald Schinzel, phone 0676/4188517, a href="", a href=""