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Museum – „Das Heimathaus“


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The Kobersdorf „Heimathaus“ presents a portrait of the community of Kobersdorf, tells about its history and shows the rural life of the last centuries with its guilds, crafts, beliefs and associations.

In six rooms, with the help of more than 80 exhibits and numerous maps and photos, a municipality is presented that has many distinctive features and also offers a lot in terms of tourism. A separate room is dedicated to the history of the former manor of Kobersdorf as well as to the centuries-long coexistence of a Catholic, Protestant and Jewish population, the Kobersdorf mineral water "Waldquelle" and the Kobersdorf castle plays.

In 1848, today's „Heimathaus“ was still run as a manorial forester's house. In 1860 the widow Theresia von Vogel, née Fürst, bought it and together with her second husband, Friedrich von Osiecki, rebuilt the house in 1863 in the style of an arbor house. During the time of German West Hungary, the house was used as a customs house. The head of the customs office and his family lived on the upper floor, while the office and accommodation for the customs guards was located in the basement. After the annexation of Burgenland to Austria (1921), the house was sublet; a gendarmerie officer with his family, a kindergarten and a municipal midwife lived in the house until it was turned into a local history museum on the initiative of Oberschulrat Pogatscher, which has been run as a small folklore museum since 1971.

From April to October, the display collection in the „Heimathaus“ can be visited by appointment on +43 660 1471969 or on the performance days of the Schlossspiele.