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Natural reserve Lafnitz-Stögersbach-floodplains


mainly clear

13° / 21°

3 %
Wind speed
10 km/h
  • Tuesdaymainly clear

    18° / 24°

  • Wednesdayclear

    17° / 24°

  • Thursdayclear

    16° / 23°

The preservation of the traditional cultural landscape, which is characterized by an enormous diversity, is an important contribution to the preservation of the local biodiversity.
With an increasing awareness of the environment and natural landscape, ecotourism is also gaining in popularity. With sustainable enterprises, ecotourism protects nature and makes a valuable contribution to the region. The landscape along the Lafnitz presents itself with an impressive flora and fauna, which can be explored by hikers and cyclists.
Nature Experiences & Adventure! Natural river landscapes have become rare in Central Europe. The Lafnitz valley is one of these precious habitats. With its broad river meanders it is one of the last unregulated lowland waters in Austria. Immerse yourself in nature, roam through riparian forests and meadows, get to know fragrant herbs and rare plants and walk in the footsteps of animals! And all this with the expert guidance of our nature guides. Go on a voyage of discovery and choose your nature adventure tour from the offers - all guided nature experiences.