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protestant christian church

Tourismusverband Mörbisch, Jerzy Bin

Tourismusverband Mörbisch, Jerzy Bin

Tourismusverband Mörbisch, Jerzy Bin

Tourismusverband Mörbisch, Jerzy Bin

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Protestant parish Mörbisch am See
The Evangelical Lutheran Christ Church is located in the municipality of Mörbisch am See in the Eisenstadt-Umgebung district in Burgenland. The Christ Church belongs to the Evangelical Superintendentage A. B. Burgenland in the Evangelical Church A.B. in Austria. The church is a listed building.
The Protestant community of Mörbisch am See belonged to Sopron until 1921. With 1578 a Protestant congregation and church services in Mörbisch and soon afterwards a Protestant school is known. From 1584 to 1606 and from 1674 to 1781 the Protestant faith was forbidden and the practice of religion was only possible in secret. In the wake of Joseph II's patent of tolerance of 1781, the parish was re-established in 1785 and a parish and school house was built from 1786 to 1790.
The basic church as a tolerance prayer house without a tower was built in 1792, in the lintel of the sacristy to the south there is the year 1792. The baptismal font also dates from 1792 Builder Geschrey from Sarvar built the windows in deep, rounded niches. The organ gallery stands on two Tuscan columns. In 1967 the church was expanded and named Christ Church.
The pulpit altar with a three-part classicist wall with cafeteria bears the oil painting Resurrection by Gerhard Gloser from 1976. On the vaulted pulpit basket with gold-plated decoration there is a relief sower and the sound cover bears an eye of God and vases.
The organ (two manuals, 17 registers) from 1985 was built by the organ builder Gebrüder Krenn from Graz. A bell was made by Friedrich Seltenhofer from Ödenburg in 1854.

Evangelical Parish Office Mörbisch am See
7072 Mörbisch am See, Hauptstrasse 6
T. +43 2685 8261
M. +43 699 188 77 160