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Restaurant "Taubenkogel"

Schützen am Gebirge


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The "Taubenkobel" of Eveline and Walter Eselböck is an Austrian restaurant legend. Let's forget this sentence. Legends you watch, but you go out to eat in restaurants. Many things are new, many things are different, some things reminiscent of past times.

Alain Weissgerber and Barbara Eselböck have opened the window and let in fresh air. This air flow not only smells of spring and summer, it also brings the archaic flavors of on an open fire grilled food to the noses of the guests. The standards are high, but not the threshold.
The taubenkobel Philosophy
Our home is Europe
Kitchen of the Kronländer k. and k.
Not everything what is new is good. For the search for the lost taste next to our own house, which is today in the top food of the whole world program, has begun with us in the "taubenkobel" more than 20 years ago. Since 1992, we have been collecting the wild herbs, which are indispensable in our kitchen, in the meadows and hills around the lake Neusiedel. We have not invented this, of course not: already the grandfather, who lead the "eselmühle" since 1961 in st. Margarethen, bred pigs and cattle in a way that we call nowadays "biological". At that time one said to it: self-evident. We are not a better world, but we are happy about the richness and distinctiveness of the Pannonian region. We love the plants that thrive here, and the animals that live here. These may be the diverse culture that constitutes the Pannonian and the sum of countless influences. We love the Pannonian art and the Pannonian craftsmanship, so we serve our dishes on dishes, since the beginning we have been potted in the village. Come with us on a trip to the unmistakable. Producers, who know us personally and appreciate their work, support us. Please take the time to find the best for you. Take the time to enjoy it!