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Stadt-, Tuchmacher- und Feuerwehrmuseum Pinkafeld

Museumsverein Pinkafeld

Museumsverein Pinkafeld


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The Clothmakers' Museum shows the development of the clothmaking trade, the transition to the clothmakers' cooperative and the change to the textile industry. Numerous machines and devices illustrate the individual processes from washing the raw wool to dyeing the finished cloth. Museum visitors are invited to try out individual steps of the fascinating craft technique for themselves.

In the Fire Brigade Museum, which was redesigned in 2016, the history of the oldest fire department in Burgenland (founded in 1871) is presented by means of modern presentation technology (touch-screen monitors and wall sails) and numerous objects (suction and pressure fire engines, steam fire engines, motor fire engines, firefighting clothing ...).

The Garrison Museum, which was redesigned in 2017, is unique in Burgenland and shows the eventful history of those army units that were stationed here since the construction of the turbo barracks in 1932 until 2013.

The church museum, a unique facility in a Burgenland museum, displays exhibits from the Catholic and Protestant parishes of Pinkafeld.

In the film room you can watch numerous old films from and about Pinkafeld (e.g. carnival parades, Blochziehen, the work of the clothiers, the SC Pinkafeld, major fires, exercises, competitions, festivals, etc. of the town fire department) as well as on the history of Burgenland in a cozy atmosphere.