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UNESCO World Heritage "Naturpark Neusiedler See - Leithagebirge"

Franz Kovacs

Franz Kovacs


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Narrow village greens and lines of barns, a fortified church and a traditional “Streckhof” house, lanes lined with cellars and storks‘ nests: In the heart of the extended Europe, right on the transition between the Pannonian Plain and the foothills of the Alps, on the shores of the most westerly European steppe lake, lies the World Heritage Lake Neusiedl-Leitha Hills Nature Reserve with the five resorts of Bridingbrunn am Lake Neusiedl, Donnerskirchen, Jois, Purbach am Lake Neusiedl and Winden am See. The centres of the resorts all breathe history and are full of pulsating life. The well-balanced mixture of nature and landscape conservation areas, the small-scale and manicured cultivated landscape, the historic structures in the resorts and the influences of many tribes reaching back over thousands of years make this nature reserve so unique.

Visitor programme

A broadly based programme of sight-seeing throughout the year is being put together in order to become acquainted with the species-rich fauna and flora in the Nature Reserve. Professional excursions and experts’ days, as well as excursions by boat to the mouth of the Wulka where it drains into Lake Neusiedl are offered, besides the guided hikes, seminars and courses. Very special too are the canoe tours along the reed belts in Lake Neusiedl and the herb-themed hikes with the herb witch on Purbach Heath.