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Wallfahrtskapelle Maria Helferin

mainly cloudy

9° / 20°

8 %
Wind speed
5 km/h
  • Monday mainly clear

    9° / 20°

  • Tuesday clear

    7° / 19°

  • Wednesday mainly clear

    6° / 20°

The chapel is located opposite the parish church. The parish chronicle reports that in 1626 in the area of the "Krautäcker" a spring suddenly appeared, which left a round well-like depression in the ground. The inhabitants were said to have also found an image of the Virgin Mary in the depth of the pit. This image was recovered and kept in a small wooden chapel placed near the spring.

People venerated this small shrine and often came to this spring because the water brought relief to certain illnesses. In 1768, a patron, who remained unknown, had a stone chapel built over the "Healing Well". Around this time there were already active pilgrimage visitors in Ollersdorf. A sure proof of this are the large Klingerbeute revenues, which the church had to administer. The well room was located under the altar stairs. The water was led from there to the outside through a rivulet that was led through the wall.

The pilgrims used to wet their faces with this water and drink it because of its alleged healing power. This custom has been preserved until today.

Since this chapel was already very dilapidated, it was demolished and replaced in 1954 by a new and larger one and no longer built over the well room. In 1986 the entire chapel square with the fountain was redesigned. The biggest pilgrimage visit to this "place of grace" is always on the Great Lady's Day. However, people also come to "Maria Helferin" to Ollersdorf on other random days.