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Beauty of the lake

A boat ride at the UNESCO World Heritage Site

With its many unique properties, some people accuse Lake Neusiedl of being “invisible”. From the countryside, its sun-kissed beauty hides too much behind the seemingly endless reed bed or the wide, flat horizon.

If you do not have your own boat, you can still enjoy a comfy ride to the heart of this wonderful world. You will be greatly rewarded by the view and the feeling of being on the water in the middle of the largest lake in Austria in the UNESCO World Heritage region.

Take in the vastness of the landscape, smell the salty air and feel the Pannonian wind blowing over the reeds. Nobody remains untouched by Lake Neusiedl. It simply offers a unique experience.

A large number of boats run regularly from Podersdorf, Rust, Illmitz and Mörbisch, and you can take your bike with you on many of them. A large selection of tours offer special on-board programs, such as wine tastings, trips to concerts and the festival on the Mörbisch Lake Stage, culinary and seasonal special programs, and customized special trips. Four companies operate different routes. There is also a water taxi, which can be pre-booked and will take you anywhere on the lake.

Set sail at the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

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