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Caviar from Mariasdorf

On the sturgeon trail

Russian and Siberian sturgeon in the waters of Southern Burgenland? Is it even possible? Yes, it is. And it’s really excellent.

Romeo Schermann achieves a world first, whichothers have been unable to match: Farming the sensitive fish in natural ponds. Feeding off the naturally occurring plankton, algae and insect larvae in the water, the sturgeons are also spoiled with local pumpkin press cakes, as well as the southern Burgenland sun. The precious eggs taste very similar to those of the original wild caviar. Harvesting takes place during the colder seasons, with the best quality being harvested between mid-September and spring. Besides caviar from various species of sturgeon, fillets of fine fish are also sold ready to cook.

Treat yourself to a culinary experience!