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Geschriebenstein-Írottkὄ Nature Park

Flying high in Burgenland

At a height of 884 meters, the Geschriebenstein is the highest point in Burgenland and is surrounded by 8,500 hectares of the cross-border nature reserve Geschriebenstein-Írottkö. 

The lookout tower at the Geschriebenstein is even located on the national border between Austria and Hungary, offering a wonderful panoramic view from the Alps to the Pannonian region. 

Over 500 km of well-marked hiking trails – some of which are cross-border and have been open for some time – and various nature trails, a herb garden and a forest adventure trail attract visitors to the nature park. In the middle of the forest, visitors can climb the 31-meter high Margarethenwarte observation tower via a 700-meter long accessible ramp, which winds its way to the height of the tree tops with great views. 

On the Althodis treetop path (Baumwipfelweg) and the bird tower (Vogelturm) in Rechnitz, blind people and wheelchair users also have access to the heart of the forest and birdlife. And at Lockenhaus knight’s castle, you can literally immerse yourself in the world of the Knights Templar on a guided tour – whether in the castle tavern with original robber baron and Landsknecht feasts, or during an exciting overnight stay in historic castle chambers. And 700 Geoffroy's bats feel very much at home in the castle too. You can learn more about their annual cycle and life at the interactive bat exhibition.

Experience a unique natural landscape and learn interesting facts about the culture in Burgenland’s highest region. Follow in the footsteps of the lime and charcoal burners in the town of Unterkohlstätten and recharge your batteries at “Königsbrunnen” and “Hendlstein”. On the subject of culture: The nature park also puts on a varied events program and there are plenty of culinary delights to discover. 

When are you setting off to climb the Burgenland heights?

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