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Southern Burgenland Snails

Slow but delicious

As the name suggests, the Burgundy snail is very much at home in vineyards. Thus the vineyards of southern Burgenland have always been a paradise for the “Helix Pomatia”, which is the scientific name for the native snail variety.

Previously a regular on the menus of local eateries, the arrival of the Spanish slug saw the population fall and the delicious creatures were forgotten.

Since nature conservation is taken seriously in Stegersbach and the mollusks are protected, the native Burgundy snail and its French cousin the “Helix Aspersa” are bred here at a special facility. Around 200,000 snails currently live in approximately 1,000 m² of lush greenery, where they have optimal living conditions and are particularly tasty thanks to a special supplementary feed.

Christian Janisch not only supplies his snails to upmarket restaurants, but also delivers ready-to-cook jars of snails that can be kept chilled for over a year. It’s also possible to purchase live snails that can be prepared at home, as well as empty snail shells to use for decoration and for arts and crafts.

Give your taste buds an extra special treat: Find the specialities here.