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Zicksee, a bird paradise

A stopover site for interesting passage migrants

The lakes cycle path (B20 Lacken-Radweg), which from Podersdorf leads you through the interesting landscape of the Seewinkel with almost no gradient, reveals its very own charm on the Zicksee. 

Enriched with sulfur, baking soda and Glauber’s salt, the mud in the water, commonly known as “zick”, has scientifically certified healing properties and is used for treatments at the orthopedic rehabilitation clinic on the northeastern shore of the lake. The water level fluctuates greatly, and if the water is high enough, the lake offers bathing for all the family. A low water level is also a great advantage for children who love swimming and don’t ever want to get out of the water. 

Above all, however, the wonderfully temperate lake is an unbelievably beautiful setting for nature lovers who want a magical slice of nature on the shore of a spacious lake all to themselves. 

The wild geese and herons, great crested grebes, sandpipers, and many other rare species of this bird paradise have discovered how beautiful it is here. In autumn and early summer, many species of migratory bird that cannot be seen anywhere else in our country stop off here.

Even the locals – who are known to be the most critical audience of all – consider “their” sunset on Zicksee to be a sensational natural spectacle that is second to none. Because the sun usually sets “far off” on a distant horizon, while at Zicksee it sinks just beyond the reed bed into a red-hot bank of clouds or the gentle hilltops of the Leithaberge. This is truly an unmissable spectacle.

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