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Master Bakers

Long before the sun comes up

Master bakers in Burgenland are still early risers

Traditions that are increasingly dying out everywhere have been preserved in Burgenland. Here the bakery trade is still practiced in its most traditional form and is constantly being revitalized.

And that is no mean feat. But that’s not the only reason that bakers in Burgenland get up earlier than anywhere else. 

On the one hand, old artisan techniques, such as homemade pre-ferments and old, traditional recipes, are conscientiously preserved. Or, when it comes to choosing raw materials, the focus is on grain from the local area. On the other hand, bakers use the latest technology and take new trends and developments into account for organic baked goods, including a wide range of whole grains and sophisticated creations for allergy sufferers.

And these extra efforts are extremely worthwhile: For Burgenland agriculture, for the Burgenland environment and, of course, for the health and well-being of consumers. But the most important and compelling reason to get up earlier each morning is the incomparable flavor, a taste of the sun from the first bite into the fresh pastry. We’re delighted to present you with a selection of companies that use traditional craftsmanship and new ideas, helping you to enjoy the fantastic taste of Burgenland. 

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