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Organic sheep farm Elpons


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Farm tour and visit to the flocks

At the organic sheep farm Elpons in Bildein, Krainer Stein sheep have been bred for over 10 years. Currently, about 350-400 animals, including about 130 ewes, live on the farm. The herds graze meadows in the nature park, which are mostly too steep, too uneven, too small or covered with many old fruit trees to be mowed by machine.

Anyone who would like to get to know the hard-working "landscape maintainers" of the nature park meadows better can learn a lot of interesting facts about sheep farming, working with herding dogs, old, endangered livestock breeds and lamb products during guided tours on the farm and in the pastures.

With a little luck, you can also participate in a short hike with sheep and dogs to the next pasture. If you wish, you can taste your way through the organic lamb sausage assortment and enjoy scattered fruit apple juice with it!

We will be happy to arrange a suitable program for you, after advance notification by telephone.

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