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courtyard alleys - "Hofgassen Mörbisch am See"

Mörbisch am See

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The Hofgassen - UNESCO World Heritage
Site In the courtyard lanes of Mörbisch am See, children and parents can experience the typical Pannonian ambience of the area around Lake Neusiedl. The houses of the Hofgassen (mainly Streckhöfe), with columned vestibules and mostly richly decorated with flowers, are characteristic of Mörbisch am See and are popular with visitors for photo opportunities.
In earlier times, four eighth farmers usually lived in a Hofgasse. The distribution of the courtyard alleys always followed the same pattern: front room, kitchen, rear room of the first farmer, then front room, kitchen and rear room of the second farmer. The chambers, cattle sheds, pigsties with manure facilities and barns were then laid out one after the other according to the same principle.
During a walk along the Hofgassen of Mörbisch, you can visit the Heimathaus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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