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Remains of a medieval fortification with a rampart-ditch system.

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To the east of the village are the remains of a medieval fortification with its rampart-ditch system still visible today. The Gschlößl is a moated castle from the early 13th century consisting of three concentric ditches and ramparts.

Observation tower and information pavilion
The center of the Gschlössl is of historical importance for the village of Leithaprodersdorf. There stood the moated castle Leithaprodersdorf, in which in 1232 a court hearing took place, to which the first documentary mention of Leithaprodersdorf refers. A 10m high lookout tower should provide a better overview of this place. It was built by the company Seczer from Grub in the Vienna Woods, as well as the roofing of the sarcophagi, which should provide protection from precipitation. It is also possible to visit 2 gravestones that were uncovered during excavation work by the Federal Office for the Preservation of Monuments in the Rieden Keuzäcker and Bachreuth.

Children's playground
In 2011 a new children's playground was built at the Gschlössl near the already existing toboggan hill. Special attention was paid to the wishes of the children. The concept was created jointly by a separate working group in the course of village renewal. A drinking water fountain was also installed.

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