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Kedl Skulpturenpark & Kunstwiese

Markt Neuhodis

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The sculpture park of the artist family Kedl is located in Markt Neuhodis. It houses the symmetrical masterpieces of the sculptor Rudolf Kedl (1928-1991). The native of Stadtschlainingen found his refuge in Markt Neuhodis in 1967, where he lived and worked until his death. "For these elemental forces of nature and life my art sets symbols. They are also the driving forces of my work," the famous artist once said. The Sculpture Park is located on the edge of the Pannonian Plain where, among the impressive works made of copper, bronze and stone, botanical exotics once planted by generations of earlier gardeners in front of the Batthany Castle also flourish.

This lovingly preserved building houses the cheerful, colorful watercolors of Christine Elefant-Kedl and sculptures by Rudolf and Talos Kedl, who continues the tradition of his parents and maintains it as a place open to visitors and guests.

The art meadow

Talos Kedl began building his "Art Meadow" adjacent to the Sculpture Park in 2010. In the meantime, the obsessively working sculptor has already had to expand three times. Due to his creative power, visitors see new works again and again. The large sculptures on permanent display there are full of excitement, activate the senses and stimulate the imagination. "In my view, copper is best suited for the organic, vegetal forms of my sculptures, which appear warm and almost soft. My works reflect nature," says Talos Kedl.