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Putty in Unterschützen



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A special feature of Unterschützen are the "putty" (dated 1740 - ca. 1790) which are still preserved in some of the orchards of the farmsteads and which are under monumental protection. In the south of Burgenland the "Kittinge", free-standing storage buildings, were widespread. These were blockhouses made of wooden trunks with pointed barrel vaulting and a clay cover, which had the function of a rural "safe" and served to store the crops. The side walls, timbered in combed log construction, are continued upwards by timbered gable walls. They form a vaulted ceiling with a thatched gable roof. The walls of the kitting are plastered with a clay chaff mixture and thus offered protection against fire, heat and cold. Due to the clay mantle, the interior of the room had a stable room climate, which was favorable for the storage of food.

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