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Mountain church to Saint Martin

moderate rain

9° / 13°

8 %
Wind speed
10 km/h
  • Wednesday mainly cloudy

    7° / 17°

  • Thursday mainly cloudy

    10° / 14°

  • Friday light rain

    9° / 15°

The present parish church, consecrated in 1680, was built on the foundations of a medieval church. The baroque building is visible from afar on a reinforced terrace high above the village and offers a fantastic panorama. The church was built in the middle of the 18th century. The altarpiece on the high altar shows the Ascension of Saint Martin.
The parish church of Donnerskirchen was originally painted bright white and was an important landmark for the fishermen at Lake Neusiedl. During the last exterior renovation of St. Martin's Church, the Federal Monument Office prescribed the colour "Schönbrunngelb" (beautiful bronze yellow).
Only the Croatian ("Bijela Crikva") and the Hungarian ("Fertö-Fejeregyház") name of the village - in German translated "Weißenkirche" - remembers the original colour of the church.