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In this museum you will be introduced to two personalities of Oberschuetzen: Pastor Gottlieb August Wimmer and OStR Prof. Franz Simon.

Both of them, each in their own way, have gained great importance for this place and the whole region. The exhibitions here in the House of Folk Culture are dedicated to them both as an honorary memory.

Pastor Gottlieb August Wimmer - The great reformer

Gottlieb August Wimmer (1791-1863) was an extraordinary and versatile educated personality. During his 30-year ministry as a Lutheran pastor (1818-1848), he left a lasting mark on Oberschützen. Although he had to leave the Habsburg Monarchy because of his participation in the Hungarian Revolution, his traces are still clearly visible today.

Pastor Gottlieb August Wimmer was a far-sighted innovator in many fields. The deepening of the spiritual life was as important to him as the improvement and expansion of the school system, the hygienic conditions and agriculture. He was the initiator of many positive developments, many of which continued to have an effect even after his death.

OStR Franz Simon - A collector of his own kind

OStR Franz Simon, who taught fine arts education at the BG/BRG Oberschützen for many years, devoted his private interest entirely to the traditional economic and everyday culture of central and southern Burgenland. The collection, which he himself brought together in the "Heimathaus", is unique in Burgenland and should therefore be preserved in its original location. Built around the year 1800, the "Heimathaus" first served as a farm, then changed hands several times and today offers its visitors insights into the modest and laborious way of life of the people of that time. Perhaps it will also provide a little impetus for inner contemplation here and there.