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The course of the Roman Amber Road through Central Burgenland is today part of the B47-Roman Amber Road cycling and hiking trail.

Between Savaria/Szombathely/Steinamanger and Scarabantia/Sopron/Ödenburg the Roman Amber Road leads through the district of Oberpullendorf. Coming from Csepreg over the meadows of Peresznye/Prössing, the Amber Road crosses the state border to Frankenau/Frakanava, crosses the Stooberbach stream in the direction of Strebersdorf (settlement and four military camps) at the newly discovered Roman settlement in 2008 and leads to the Großmutschener Urbarialwald forest, where it has been a protected monument since 1931.

It continues via Nebersdorf (Roman watchtower, late Neolithic settlement), Großwarasdorf to Raiding and turns in a sharp bend to the east towards Horitschon before continuing via Neckenmarkt to the Hungarian border at Harkau to Scarabantia (Sopron/Ödenburg). Even today, the ancient road route is clearly visible in the terrain. However, some sections have already been destroyed by modern construction and farming activities.

In order to make this unique monument of ancient road construction accessible to visitors, the Association for the Preservation of the Roman Amber Road has, since its foundation in 1989, developed this historic trade and traffic route into a hiking trail and, since 2003, into a bicycle trail, and has erected display boards on the important topics of Roman history.

The display panels made of ceramic tiles were designed and hand-painted in three languages by the Oberpullendorf artist Romana Schmucker with detailed drawings about Roman history. In addition, Roman milestones and gravestones were erected to add variety to the cycle path. "Pure culture and nature" thus became the trademark of the historical cultural asset - the B47-Roman Amber Road bike trail.

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