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Ski center Rettenbach



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"What Kitzbühel is to the alpine area, Rettenbach is to the grass ski area. Whoever wins the Super-G there is top of the class. Hans-Peter Brandl, Grasski FIS Race Director, Press Conference World Cup 2014 History Grasski is a relatively young sport.
The necessary sports equipment was invented around 1960 by Josef Kaiser from Geislingen an der Steige, mainly for the reason of being able to practice alpine skiing also in summer. However, as summer training for alpine skiers Grasski could never really assert itself and so the sportsmen began to specialize. In 1976 Grasski got its own department in the German Ski Federation and starting in Germany, Grasski became more and more popular in Central Europe, but in the early 80's also in Japan, China and Australia.
In 1985 Grasski was integrated into the FIS. Taster courses Grasskiing for everyone To give you an understanding of grass skiing, the Ski Center Rettenbach offers taster courses. Here you can learn to ski on grass under professional supervision.
Please bring your own ski boots, poles, helmet and clothing!
Course fee: €15,-/hour per person; incl. grass ski, lift & supervision Great fun for young and old! Please register in advance!

Runway The slope is oriented to the southeast! The view from the start! This is on a sea level of 568m. The valley is at an altitude of 452m, which gives a difference in altitude of 116m. The average length of the track is 500m! The average inclination is 23,2%.

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