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Lackenbach Castle


Surrounded by large gardens with rare species of trees, Lackenbach Palace houses the Der Natur auf der Spur museum, the Zum Oberjäger guest house and a cosy café and represents a popular wedding venue.

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The "new" Lackenbach Palace was first mentioned in the 1553 purchase contract for the Landsee Dominion by Nikolaus Oláh, Arch Bishop of Gran. This noble residence was not only used for farming and administration purposes, but offered a higher comfort of living than nearby militaristic Landsee Castle thanks to its location on the plains.
When Count Nikolaus Esterházy (1583-1645) married Ursula Dersffy, who had inherited the estate of Arch Bisoph Oláh, the Landsee-Lackenbach Dominion fell into the hands of this young, up-and-coming aristocrat in 1612. Lackenbach Palace served as the Esterházys’ main residence until 1628 and, after Nikolaus became Paladin in 1625, also as the seat of the Hungarian Viceroy.
In 1620, the Palace became the site of an event with important implications for the family as well as politics: The Battle of Lackenbach. In the course of the skirmish between the Emperor’s troops and the Transylanian Count Gábor Bethlen, the latter's troops also reached the estates of Nikolaus Esterházy. Although a relief force deployed by the Emperor as well as the brave Neckenmarkt farmers came to the aid of Esterházy and the men besieged in Lackenbach Palace, it would finally be Nikolaus’ courageous break that ended the siege.
The Palace's architecture is in line with the Renaissance idea of symmetrically splitting the landscape. This shows to this day in the plot lines, alleys, hedges, moats, paths and the surrounding walls as well as the arrangement of the trees in the orchards. It is remarkably well preserved when it comes to Renaissance structures and that also applies to the meadow orchard with old and very rare fruit-bearing plants from the 19th century as well as an earthen 17th-century mound called “King’s Hill”.

Exhibition "The Courtly Hunting of the Esterházy Princes"
The courtly hunting as a status document of the princes was part of the aristocratic cultural history. Evidence of this hunting passion of the Esterházy princes, which was lived out over the centuries, can be seen in the numerous preserved hunting rifles, including wind rifles, bird shotguns, wheel-lock rifles, rifles for boys, and also curiosities such as a poacher's rifle. The theme of hunting also found its way into the Esterházy library and was reflected not least in hunting scenes on exquisite porcelain. The exhibition in Lackenbach Castle shows historical exhibits from four centuries of hunting culture of the Esterházy family.
NEW: In commemoration of the "Battle of Lackenbach 1620", Lackenbach Castle presents an annual exhibition in cooperation with the flag-waving and wine-growing museum of Neckenmarkt. Equipment such as glass and iron hand grenades, basket hail, bullets for wall guns, etc. document the means of war once used.

Garden and museum tour

The guided tour starts at the arboretum, where you can discover rare trees and exciting stories, for example about redwood trees. It continues on to the Palace's own vegetable garden in the historic courtyard with its impressive Renaissance arcades. After that the group visits the museum. Bringing the tour to an end, you are invited to enjoy unique ice cream creations including the proprietary Esterházy slice ice cream or a small snack, piece of pie or a beverage in the café.
Opening hours: Friday to Sunday and on holidays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Free admission for Niederösterreich-Card holders.
Café opening hours:
1 July – 6 September: Daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
7 September – 22 December: Friday – Sunday and on holidays 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

ADMISSION - Pre-registration is requested! +43 2619 20012

Without guided tour

Adults: € 8,00
Reduced*: € 6,00
Families: € 17,00

With guided tour

Adults: € 10,00
Reduced*: € 8,00
Families: € 19,00

*Pupils, students, seniors

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Entrance fee without Burgenland Card: € 10,-

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15 % discount on admission to the museum Schloss Lackenbach with the Burgenland Card.

Entrance fee without Burgenland Card: € 10,-

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