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"St. Martins" Spa


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The St. Martins Thermal Baths are a world of wellness with indoor and outdoor baths, St. Martins Aktiv water aerobics, spa seats and massage jets, outdoor saltwater baths, nude showers, a sauna complex, cold and warm water baths with massage jets, relaxing spas, themed showers, relaxation and rest areas, a "swing and relax" room, tanning salon, a fireplace, a sauna bar, market restaurant, sunset terrace and a summer island.
In addition to all this, we offer our visitors an outdoor bar in summer, and a cosy, inviting fireplace room for the colder parts of the year.

Year in, year out, water is pumped from the rock 860 m below the surface of Burgenland's third certified medicinal spring. The mineral water containing sodium hydrogen carbonate-chloride bubbles up from the depths with a wonderful natural temperature of 43°C and a pH value of 7.9 and is perfect to help you to relax and drive the tension from your back.

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