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Wallfahrtskirche Dürnbach

Pfarramt Dürnbach

Pfarramt Dürnbach

Pfarramt Dürnbach

Pfarramt Dürnbach

moderate rain

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8 %
Wind speed
5 km/h
  • Wednesday mainly cloudy

    6° / 17°

  • Thursday cloudy

    9° / 14°

  • Friday rain showers

    9° / 15°

The pilgrimage church of Dürnbach is the largest and only Croatian pilgrimage church in southern Burgenland. Since 1988, a joint pilgrimage of the Burgenland Croats to the "Majka Božja Vincječka" (= image of grace of Dürnbach) takes place. Artistically valuable is the picture of the high altar - created by Stefan Dorfmeister - which depicts the Assumption of Mary into heaven.

The present church was built in 1783 by the Cardinal Prince-Primate of Esztergom at the northernmost end of the village and dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. In 1838 Pope Gregory XVI granted the indult of plenary indulgence for the feast of the Assumption of Mary.