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Weingut Gerald & Adele & Babara Pittnauer

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  • Friday partly cloudy

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We, the winery "Herrnwald" Pittnauer, are a traditional family business located in the heart of Gols, the largest and most important wine-growing community in Austria. Our vineyards are distributed in all directions of Gols, but the largest area is on the Ried "Herrschaftswald", in dialect "Herrnwald", therefore the name of our winery.
The family business Pittnauer has existed for three generations. In the beginning it was an agricultural enterprise with a lot of agriculture and cattle breeding. Since 1990 we have been mainly engaged in viticulture.
At present we cultivate an area of about 9 hectares. We produce fruity, light, but also strong, full-bodied white wines and dense, elegant, varietal-typical, mostly classically matured red wines, although the white wine dominates in our winery!