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Weingut Triebaumer Ernst


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Viticulture Ernst Triebaumer - ET

We at ET winery follow an unconventional approach. Our most important principle is to keep the soil healthy, an elementary prerequisite for harmonious and digestible wines. Humus formation, erosion control, full area greening, hedges, production of charcoal (Terra Preta), reductin of crossings to a minimum are only a few important points in our company in order to achieve this goal. For some years now, the main focus has been on the year-round grazing of the vineyards with sheep, in which, like throughout Europe, pioneers are. The mow, clean trunks, fertilize and leaf out. With good pasture management, the humus content of the soil can be increased by one tonne per hectare per year. Meanwhile, grazing has also become an absolute prority for our top locations!

Our vines therefore thrive in a multifaceted vital structure on the basis of species-rich green soils. Through a selective manual harvest from the vine, we harvest these grapes, our small berries, concentrated in themselves. In the cellar we can almost completely withdraw from all our wines with interventions, which corresponds to our approach to natural winemaking.