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Winery "PayerPayer"

  • PayerPayer


  • PayerPayer


mainly clear

17° / 28°

3 %
Wind speed
10 km/h
  • Monday mainly clear

    17° / 31°

  • Tuesday clear

    19° / 31°

  • Wednesday clear

    19° / 33°

PayerPayer Weinkultur is a (comparably young) certified organic winery in Podersdorf am See. Organic not because it is modern, but because it is the foundation for us. We want to work on a piece of land that is healthy, that we keep healthy and that gives us something healthy back: our wine.

We act sustainably in all areas: in the vineyard, in the cellar, in our heads, in every single bottle of wine. And because good wine is particularly compatible with good entertainment, we want to make art and culture visible and experienceable in the region and have created appropriate structures.