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A healthy gut

The foundations of wellbeing

In new research, our gut is often referred to as the second brain. Our belly is home to a dense network of nerve cells: With 1-2 million neurons, this network is larger than that of the spinal cord. We think with our actual brain, we digest with the other one. What sounds like a clear division of tasks is actually far more complex, because even though both systems can work independently of each other, the head and gut are permanently in contact and communicating with each other. 

So it’s no wonder that we generally don’t feel well when there is something wrong with our intestines. Burgenland has several specialist centers that can improve your intestinal health. Whether it’s a course of treatment, such as at Bad Tatzmannsdorf or Marienkron, or mineral water treatments and training programs that can be enjoyed during shorter spa stays. They all have one thing in common: Highly skilled specialists take care of your wellbeing. Experienced doctors are ready to advise you, working with you to find solutions to problems and ways to improve your intestinal health. 

And let’s not forget a particularly important aspect in this context: When it comes to food and nutrition, you’re in good hands in Burgenland. You’ll only be served food that benefits you and your intestinal health. You’ll soon discover for yourself that this is anything but boring. So what are you waiting for, your gut deserves it!

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