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A journey through beautiful Blaufränkischland

Gentle hills and harmonious arcades

The red wine cycle path (B40 Rotweinradweg), which starts and ends in Deutschkreutz, is an attractive circuit with moderate gradients and also suitable for families.

The magical, wine-dominated, sunny hilly landscape of Central Burgenland takes you from one pretty view to the next.

The arcade courtyard of the castle is a must see in Deutschkreutz. The renaissance style building dates back to 1625. It is an architecturally remarkable combination of fort, manor house and farm building, and has an extremely harmonious courtyard with a double arcade. The castle is home to the Anton Lehmden private museum, which comprehensively presents the Austrian artist’s work - advance booking is required.

Besides this highlight, Schaflerhof, the estate that was formerly part of the castle, is located in the immediate vicinity. Having underdone extensive renovation work, it is a popular venue for events and weddings with its large barrique ripening cellar that holds 700 barrels of the finest red wine – and there is also a restaurant in summer.

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