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An impressive view

Pedal away and enjoy the scenery

Admittedly, the Rosalia cycle path (B32 Rosalia-Radwanderweg) in Northern Burgenland is not for those who prefer to only travel downhill, because it has some pretty tough climbs. So either take it easy on your e-bike or push those pedals hard. 

The winding route from Forchtenstein up to the castle of the same name requires considerable effort. This climb has an elevation of 182 meters. But it is well worth the effort. 

The impressive wide view of the vast Rosalia region from the castle wall more than makes up for it. A ride in spring is particularly recommended due to the blossoming trees, or in late summer or fall for the fruit and chestnut harvests. A wonderful place that on clear days offers a view from Vienna and Bratislava to Sopron, Lake Neusiedl and parts of the Hungarian lowlands.

And why not include a visit to the castle and Café Restaurant Grenadier? The ride downhill is pure cycling pleasure!

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