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B20 Lakes Cycle Path (“B20 Lacken-Radweg”)

Through the natural Pannonian paradise

A maximum of one meter deep, brackish, and unique: The lakes in Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park are an absolute rarity. 

Waters like these are now only found in central Hungary and on other continents. A unique atmosphere unfolds before your eyes, a wonderful experience from your bike. You sit a little higher on your saddle and have a particularly good view of the flat, Pannonian steppe landscape. If you want to get up higher, you can observe rare animal species from one of the many viewing platforms.

A circuit of Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park is an experience in any season. Hundreds of bird species feel right at home in this beautiful habitat. Rare plants and animals, such as hamsters, ground squirrels and steppe polecats, can be found in the meadows.

On partly paved and partly gravel paths, you will pass wet meadows and pastures, “Lange Lacke”, and the vineyards, where world-famous wines thrive. 

The entire lakes cycle path (“B20 Lacken-Radweg”) has hardly any gradient and is also ideal for families. It is best to check the prevailing wind direction beforehand, you can then plan the route with “the wind at your back”, as the wind rarely dies down in Seewinkel. The Austrian Sailing Weather Center provides daily online weather updates and also outlines the trend for the coming hours. Please be aware of all prohibited areas so that the protected nature reserves remain intact.

Are you ready to experience the unique magic of the lakes?

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