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Landseer Berge Nature Park

An enticing nature experience with plenty of culture

The entire space of approximately 6,500 hectares is a conservation area. The nature park is located in the western part of sunny Central Burgenland and also includes some parts of neighboring Bucklige Welt in Lower Austria.

The ruins of the once majestic Landsee Castle dominate the middle of this beautiful landscape. Built in the 12th century and today, one of the largest castle ruins in Europe after a fire in 1772 , it attracts numerous visitors with its open-air event stage and watchtower.

The hilly area around Landsee is perfect for bike trips and hiking tours. Thanks to orchards in the nature park, it is an “edible landscape”. Besides the varied natural landscape, you will also encounter plenty of history, such as the largest and best preserved Celtic ramparts with open-air museum, the annual Celtic Festival and 26-meter tall museum tower in Schwarzenbach, or the Mida Huber House in Landsee, the home of the local poet which is now a museum. Kobersdorf Castle regularly puts on musical events known as Schloss-Spiele, as well as cabaret and theater. Kobersdorf synagogue was one of the famous seven Jewish communities, the “Siebengemeinden”. Kobersdorf mineral water is widely known, extremely healthy, and can be drunk directly from the source in Elisabethpark. You can marvel at the leading animal in the natural park - a life-sized fire salamander - in the idyllic town of Kaiserdorf. Head past the fishpond in the forest and you will find a wonderful place of power, the witch stone (Hexenstein). 

There is so much to do, explore, and discover that a refreshing dip in the bathing lakes in Kobersdorf and Markt St. Martin, and the adventure pool in Kaisersdorf is just what you need. 

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