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Nature Park Weinidylle

Romantic cellars, rare plants, and old domestic breeds

The nature park Weinidylle is located in the east of the Oberwart and Güssing districts in Southern Burgenland. It’s not only amphibians that feel at home in the riparian forests and wetlands, rare plant species still thrive here, such as the endangered snake’s head fritillary, which appears here more than anywhere else in Austria. 

The original cultural landscape with its small vineyards and the romantic, thatched roofs of the Kellerviertel and Kellerstöckl is equally worth a visit. 

Visitors can explore the reservoir nature trail in Urbersdorf, and the adjacent game park is home to feral pigs and wild boar, as well as various types of deer and other old domestic breeds.

The most romantic spot in the region is probably the historic Kellerviertel in Heiligenbrunn. Many of the 106 listed wine cellars still have traditional thatched roofs – a feast for the eyes and a popular photo background.

Moschendorf boasts its own wine museum with numerous picturesque buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. Wine lovers will be delighted by Gebietsvinothek Südburgenland, the Uhudlervinothek and Vinest Vinothek, as they have the best wines in the Weinidylle region. The best places to taste the finest wines – such as Blaufränkisch, Eisenberg and Uhudler – and the excellent local farmers’ produce are the countless wine taverns: From the Hamerlberg via the Stremer-Berg to the Heiligenbrunn Kellerviertel, and from Moschendorf along the Pinkatal Wine Route to the famous vineyards of Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen. 

By the way: It’s also possible to spend the night in a Kellerstöckl cottage – it doesn’t get much more traditional! This can only be surpassed by a romantic bike ride through the vineyards.

Ready to explore the ruggedly romantic Weinidylle nature park?

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