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Opera in the St. Margarethen quarry

An open-air arena

Limestone has been mined here for over 2,000 years. It has been used to build the Roman fortress Carnuntum, St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, and many magnificent buildings from the Ringstrasse era. This historical mining site has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. 

Operas and operettas have been taking place against the impressive backdrop of Europe’s largest natural stage. Rugged, steep walls and the location of the quarry between Lake Neusiedl and the Leitha Mountains help create a unique setting. The quarry site accommodates two stages that provide a unique atmosphere and acoustics. The larger of the two forms a huge open-air concert hall with almost 5,000 seats. The Ruffini stage – named after Romulo Ruffini, the head of the Esterhazy quarry – is used for concerts.

The natural and theatrical backdrop come together to create a unique charm that adds a new dimension to productions. Year after year, audiences are treated to unparalleled performances with eye-catching stage sets and magnificent special effects. Artistic director Daniel Serafin has delivered fresh and exciting productions every summer.

In summer, the open-air arena is converted into a concert and musical stage. Artists from a wide variety of genres appreciate the quarry’s acoustics and atmosphere.

Time to experience the incomparable atmosphere of the opera in the St. Margarethen quarry?

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