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Pannonian saffron

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Saffron has been grown in the Pannonian region for centuries. The product has been somewhat overlooked in recent decades and is now being looked after with even more care and attention to quality and purity.

Saffron has an aromatic, tangy taste and also aids digestion. In Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine in particular, it is often used to flavor rice dishes, seafood, soups, sauces, and even desserts. It also imparts a rich yellow color to dishes. Saffron is an extremely valuable spice that can only be obtained from the style of the flowers; there are only three per flower. It takes 150,000 to 200,000 individual crocuses to produce one kilogram of saffron. Incidentally, the precious aromatic has antidepressant properties and also protects the nervous system.

The conditions in Siegendorf in Northern Burgenland are ideal for the plant. The "Safranoleum" is a farm, an oil mill, and also a center of excellence for saffron and other spices. With its own production area, visitors can directly experience nature and there are exciting tours, events and plenty of choice in the shop.

Try wonderful saffron specialties in Burgenland and let the delicious flavor melt in your mouth: Shop the products here.